Stuvz "Keep Up With Your PPE" Pouch

While in between heroic pumps of hand sanitizer, our bottles of Stuvz deserved a more comfortable place to rest. Instead of clunking around glove boxes, being shoved to the back of clutter drawers, and getting lost when needed most, we made it a home. 

Awesome uses we've found for this pouch: 

  • Keeping up with your PPE
  • Mid-Day Snack Holster
  • On-The-Fly Makeup Bag
  • Outdoor Adventure Pouch
  • Money Bag
  • Disguised Candy Stash
  • and many more. 

Fits two bottles of Stuvz comfortably with room for other PPE goods (masks, gloves, etc.). 

Dimensions: 11" x 5.5"